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Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI
Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI
Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI
Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI

Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI
Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI
Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI

  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Touareg
  • Year: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI

Model Number: 991-C042 Brand: RoadNav
$449.00  $359.00
Save: 20% off


The latest S160 Android System Available Free map:

This navigation system has a 7 inch 16:9 TFT LCD digital panel. It adopts A8 dual-core processor and 4GB flash which could run 3D maps smoothly.

Some great features:

1)High translucent matte anti-glare touch screen
2) It support bluetooth phonecall, phonebook, phonebook search, a2dp music stream
3) The radio frequency has worldwide support, RDS feature is ready for EU and Au customers, 99 radio station preset
4) Perfect iPod/iPhone (upto iphone 4S, not support iPhone 5 right now)
5) music support, also support iPod video(Click here to see accessory for iPod video )
6) Use efficient DSP digital signal processing systems DSP chip which support 1080p HD video
7) 3G/Wifi network support
8) Support video recorder from multi sources, like external DVR
9)built-in 20 disc storage, can play music for 20 hours!

This unit fits to:
VW Touareg 2003-2011
VW T5 Multivan Transporter upto 2007-2010

1. If your vehicle come with factory radio system without navigation system, this unit is fully support your car and all the 4/11 speakers.
2. If your vehicle come with factory dvd based navigation system, this unit is fully support your car and all the 4/11 speakers.
3. If your vehicle come with factory cd based navigation system, then your vehicle has an external digital amplifier which is not compatible. You need an extension cable to bypass the factory amplifier which above CD changer. You will able to use our unit built-in amplifier to drive the four(4) car speakers. Please note you will lose some details in sound effect, do not order if you cannot accept.



preloaded with lifetime free update service



addon if a reverse camera is ordered



adapter if a 3G modem is ordered


Digital (800*480px) TFT LCD touch screen
Unique 3D flash graphic user interface
DVD VCD CD MP3 Mpeg4 Divx CD-R WMA Jpeg video format
V-20 disc CDC memory
Digital TV double tuner optional
Split-screen image funcion
3G internet ready (adaptor not included)
Car DVR function support (DVR not included)
File management Video and audio copy
1080P HD video support DSP chip ready
BT phone call phone book music stream
FM/AM radio tuner RDS support
Auto rear view feature (camera not included)
iPod music support
Advanced GPS 3D map support
Dual zone system
2-channel AUX input
Multiple languages: English Arabic Hebrew Russian Turkish Spain
And other 17 languages
Dual-core A8 Chipset ARM11 Platform
Wince 6.0 OS Upgradable firmware
CPU: Samsung S5PV210 1GMHZ 512MB RAM 4GB ROM
Working Temperature: -20 ~ 80 degree c
Accessories included: Power cable Plug-n-play, CAN decorder (depends on vehicle), GPS antenna, Radio antenna adapter, USB cable, iPod cable, Remote controller, User's manual

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Customer Reviews
Overall rating: (7)
I like this unit on my 2004 TouaregMonday 29 July, 2013
By Frank Guidera

Just installed Model Number: 991-C042 In my 2004 touareg. Did a ton of research on different models on the lower price as I didn't want to put more money into an old car than I already had. I was looking at the Pioneer App Radio 3 as it had a great price, but it had to run off my iPhone, plus I would have to buy the correct wire harness and steering wheel controller. After doing the math, Smartauto24 was the way to go. I must say you cannot find a better product with as many features and options for the money. It looks like it was made by VW and comes out of the 2009-2010 navigation Touaregs. Pros: Allen has the best service I have ever received from any company, perfect fit, amazing price, plays DVDs, Bluetooth, Bluetooth audio, backup camera option, USB audio, aux inputs, wifi (really slow but cool), stunning GPS, and best of all the sound is truly amazing so much better than stock unit (sounds like I just installed all new speakers). Cons: iPod/iPhone music navigation is poor (almost impossible to use like the majority of factory or aftermarket stereo units), USB music takes all your separate album files and combines them into one giant album (does great at showing album covers), radio reception is OK (had to use booster to get OK sound), can respond a little slow to touch. Overall, if you own a 2004-2010 Touareg, you must own this unit. I was trying to buy a unit on the cheap and after crunching the numbers, I couldn't have found a better deal. Hope there is an update to the unit to fix some of the iPhone/iPod issues to make this unit perfect. I don't listen to FM radio and instead purchased a SiriusXM Edge unit and hooked up into the Aux input.

Radio gets an A+!Thursday 20 June, 2013
By anthony aviles

I've had that s100 in for about a month now... love it. Replaced the stock nav in my 05' the iGo nav is lightning fast. Had it professionally installed tho that wire harness just looked a bit too intense for me. Ended up doing all new interiors and sub off after market amp. Radio performance blew away my skeptic installer.... radio gets an A+!

Great upgrade!Monday 17 June, 2013
By Cody Barnett

2008 VW Touareg w/ Factory RNS2 DVD Nav I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger. Maintaining a stock look and feel is paramount for me and so I considered the RNS-510 but for the price it simply wasn't worth it. This bridged that gap to allow for the extended functionality and better maps like the RNS-510 would provide but at 1/3 of the cost. I took the dive and purchased the device. The install was pretty straight forward. I purchased the antenna booster at the same time and soldered everything up before so when i started the install it was pretty much a straight swap. Honestly the hardest thing was running the wire and replacing the reverse camera only because i had to remove some panels from the back hatch. I am happy with the functionality of the device and the maps are FAR Superior to even those used by the RNS-510. And are MUCH cheaper to update from this site! Overall this was a very good project and i am happy with the outcome. The sound is great and it has all the functionality i could hope for. If you are considering this unit for an upgrade take my advice and do it! One final bit of advice... don't assume when making decision for the Extension Cable. I assumed my amp was digital and it was not. They quickly sent me the shorter cable but i could have saved them and myself some time had i simply asked the question of which i needed first. Alan is VERY helpful and quick to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions
2008 touareg with factory nav with sound upgrade & backup camera. 6 disc cd changer. distance sensors. Does it use the original camera? does it interface with MFD
This unit can not support original camera nor the Navi info diaplay on the MFD. Once you have installed this RoadNav S100 touareg unit, you need to buy our camera (Sony CCD night vision lens available) which support RCA cam video in, also support auto rear-view feature.
I have the 11 speaker system with the amp. If I get the bypass cable I will only have 4 speakers working, not all 11 speakers?

It is not ture that you will only keep 4 speakers because you may not need the bypass cable even your treg have 11 speakers & amp. To answer your question, please let us know the following first:
1) Does your car came with factory navi system? If does, is it CD based navi system or DVD based navi system?
2) What kind of the amplifier came with your vehicle, is it sound package 1 or sound package 2(digital amplifier)?

Just wondering what are the differences between this unit and the head unit(407-8110), are they both the same to install as in plug and play?

Yes, both of the two units(991-C042 and 407-8110) are plug and play for 2003-2010 Treg without sound package(digital amplifier). If your vehicle come with digital amplifier, then you need the extension cable to bypass the amplifier, but it is still plug and play.
This unit is our latest product. Faster CPU(1GMHZ), bigger RAM(512MB), bigger rom(4GB) etc.  And this unit also has RDS function ready for EU and AU customers.

Trying to get this installed in my 09 Touareg. It is plug and play as you indicate, except for trying to connect the unit to the existing vehicle radio antenna connectors. In my dash there are two Fakra type connectors, one white and one yellow, they plugged directly into the rear of the existing factory stereo. What do I use to connect to that? Is an adapter needed, if so it should be included with the kit? Please advise...

Yes, you need this radio antenna adapter to install the existing radio antenna. VW Radio AntennaYou can order it here.

I have a 2008 v6 with a stock stereo with no nav. I have stering wheel controls wanting to know if I get this unit will it be a simple plug it in and go also wanting the back up camera is that also a simple plug in and go?

Yes, our unit comes with CANBUS decoder ready for steering wheel controls and RCA jack ready for camera(only work with our cameras, will not work with the original factory camera).
It is totally plug and play to install. And the steering wheel control can work with our unit, nothing else is needed to buy to make our unit work on your vehicle..

Where can i check my car if it comes with factory digital external amplifier?

If your treg has external amplifier, it should be above the cd changer on the right side of the trunk.
We believe your vehicle does not has an amplifier as you said your vehicle without factory navigation. Please check the cd changer and confirm that. You don't need an extension bypass cable if there is no external factory amplifier.

Does the Touareg autoradio GPS OEM Ui support iphone 5

Our unit has three ways support your mobile phone:
1. Bluetooth: You can connect any kinds of mobile phones which come with Bluetooth to this unit via Bluetooth. This unit can support hands free phone call and Bluetooth music(A2DP), the caller name will also display on the screen of this unit.

2. iPod cable: You can connect your iPhone 4/iPhone 4s/iPod to this unit via iPod cable. Bue this iPod cable can not support iPhone 5 because iPhone 5 use a different Lightning connector which is different from iPhone 4.

3. iPhone iPod to GPS DVD RCA AV USB Convertor: You can also connect your iPhone 4/iPhone 4s/iPod to this unit via the AUX connector, if you want to connect your iPhone 5 to this unit, you will also need this iPhone 5 Power Adapter 30pin to 8 pin. This connector can support iPod music and iPod VIDEO, very interesting function. Here is a video FYI:

Will I need any code for the radio when it is installed and is the map upgradeable?

1. You can just remove the original head unit and install this unit directly. No need any code for the radio when it is installed.

2. Yes, the map is upgradeable. We will preload the latest maps for your country before shipping and will send you the download link once there is an update.

I have installed my unit and it works GREAT. Just waiting to install the rear view camera when the weather clears up some. I did have a couple questions: -Can the system clock display 12hour instead of 24? -The nav displays that updates should be found at "". I could not find my device listed any way. Can you tell me how to find the maps specific for it? -Is there any way to view ipod playlists on the device? So far this is FAR superior than the stock nav and looks 100% OE! Very happy!

1. The time format can not change to 12 hours, future firmware upgrade may fix this issue.
2. No need to upgrade the maps data from that website, it is very expensive. You can get the latest maps here:
3. You can click the disc icon on the left to enter playlist.

I have Touareg GP 2007 with Navigation System "Rns Mfd Dvd", With Color Multi-Function Display, with no amplifier. 1. Will the steering wheel control support, such as "next/prev", "pick up phone" or only volume keys? 2. Will I have MFD display support such as radio station? If not what version of can-bus your device is supported? 3. Will I have displayed information from original parking sensors on your device?

1. Yes, you can use the next/prev/vol+/vol-/mue. But you may not able to use the pick up phone.

2. No, the MFD will not display any info such as radio, bluetooth connection, navi. All of our units for Treg can not support MFD display.

3. The original parking sensors will not display on our unit.

I have a 2004 with CD NAV and an external amp. How do I know if it is the sound system 1 or the sound system 2 (digital)

If it is CD based on Navi system(not DVD based on), then I believe it is digital amplifier on your vehicle. So you need the extension cable to bypass the digital amplifier.

If it is DVD based on Navi system, then it is analog amplifier on your vehicle, you do not need the extension cable. Our unit can support the original analog amplifier. And all 11 car speakers will work after install our unit.

I have a 2004 Touareg with Factory Navigation. Will this unit work with the 2004 Nav amp setup? Will this unit support MFD (multi function display) on the dash between the speedometer and teach like the factory navigation uses?

If it is CD based on navi system on your vehicle, then your vehicle also comes with digital amplifier, you need the extension cable to bypass the digital amplifier.

The radio/Navi/Bluetooth info will not display on the MFD like the original navigation system.

I am wondering about the extension cable that you mentioned for the 2004 CD Factory NAV Touareg that has the digital amp. Do you sell this cable separately? Also, with your head unit does the steering controls still work?
This is the extension cable link:
You can still use the vol+, vol- and mute after install our unit, but you may not able to use the preve, next. This issue is known because the 1.6 version CANBUS. All the steering wheel controls will work if your vehicle come with 2.0 version CANBUS after year 2006.
I'm interested in purchasing this unit for my 07 Touareg. How is this unit able to connect to the internet? How does the wifi feature work?

This Touareg indash GPS unit can support 3G / Wifi network, you need to buy the 3G modem or the Wifi adapter separately, they are not included in the package.

The Wifi feature is just like the one you used at home, first connect the wifi adapter to the headunit. then scan the available wifi network, finally select the available network and input password if it required. Done!

I am looking to purchase this radio Model Number: 991-C042 for my 2005 v8 touareg with dvd navigation. I wanted to know if this is compatible with iphone 5 and Samsung note 3.. if it is... how simple is it to i need additional wiringing??

For Bluetooth Phonecall/Phonebook/Music Stream, answer is YES, this Touareg DVD Navigation system can support iPhone 5 and Samsung Note 3. For iPod music feature, this unit support up to iPhone 4S, it does not support iPhone 5/5S/5C because the connector is not compatible. You do not need additional wiring, it's totally plug and play.

I own a 2010 Volkswagen Touareg TDI without NAV but has OEM bluetooth. I currently have Sirius XM radio on mine. If I was to purchase your unit, can I still use my satellite radio and what parts would I need? I might as well grab the reverse camera etc. Please let me know. Thanks for your time. Kind Regards,
Our unit is designed to replace original radio system, it does not support Sirius XM radio, means you will lose satellite radio feature once our unit is installed. However, our SatNav can support RCA A/V in, it can work with an external XM radio if the radio has RCA out. The SatNav is totally plug and play, all required accessories/removal keys are included, nothing else is required.

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