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VW Touareg Head Unit

VW Touareg Head Unit

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Hello, just installed mine this week ( 2 units, one on my reg and one on my fathers reg, both 2004 V8, one with air suspension and on with out, both do not have stock NAV).. Everything seems to be working fine. i will write up a full review in about a week, once i really test everything out.

What i can say for now is:

shipping was EXTREMELY fast, 4 days from china to Canada. Very happy with that. one thing though, which i havnt gotten the chance to communicate with them yet about is, the plastic on the wiring harness was cracked on one and a piece was broken off on the other one, nothing major. I was still able to use them and they fit fine. One remote is all cracked broken which i'm sure they will be happy to help me out with finding a solution for. Things like this happen, so my advice for them is maybe when packing the accessories, just make sure their placed nicely so they dont break. Over all I'm super happy with the shipping, cant complain at all.

The unit really is plug and play but I would of liked a wiring diagram. I say this because to connect the trucks connecter to the connecter of the unit is no problem, but there is other lose wires which are part of the units harness that im note really sure what their purpose is, so I just left them there for now. it is impossible to connect the RCA wires to the aux because this is not enough space (the unit doesnt go in, it's missing about 1/2" or 15mm. The only way that it can be done is if a 90 degree is used or a smaller adapter ( but i honestly don't know what the RCA wires do, connected or not connected I cant tell a difference. If anyone knows what they do, let me know please )

To install the frist unit ( because i bought 2 one for each reg) it took me about 2.5 hours because it took me a while to find a nice place to pass the GPS antenna up on to the dashboard with out making any holes anywhere. (when i write the next review, will post pics on how i did it). The iPhone wire i didn't pass yet, it will get done once i install the back up camera. It took me awhile to place all the wires so that the unit fit in perfect. The second unit took me 45 minutes to install and that's because i had a hard time placing the wire behind the unit again, or else it would of took about 25 minutes.

The unit look's AMAZING. It look totally original, if the person doesn't know about the touareg, they'll think it original.

The communication was great, email response very quick.

oh and i forgot to mention, even in -22 degree Celsius weather, its working fine.

Thats it for now, i will keep you guys posted on the functionality of i the units.

Date Added: 04/12/2013 by Nicholas