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VW Touareg Head Unit

VW Touareg Head Unit

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just installed mine. Got 4 keys and yeah, it's a b*tch to stuff those cables in - I stuck the factory connector up and to the left - then it still just would NOT go in. I finally pulled the RCA connectors out of the Aux input on the back - schnick! it went in all the way. Needs 90 bends on the connectors, there wasn't room in back with the RCA connectors sticking out.
Brightness - too bright when I turn it to the lowest setting. I'm thinking a screen cover of tint, maybe red to go with the tourareg, would help.
Love the sound. It's even louder than the stock unit, which does rock. The stock cd player couldn't handle writeable cd's - this unit does. The blue tooth was easy to hook up. I was hoping for an aux. port on the front, so as to use any-old mp3 player - but I'm pretty happy with it. My wife had the stock stereo almost out before I got outside (her car, and she loves the new player). I haven't tried the rear camera yet.
Instructions - I can see why they aren't car specific. I'm a former mechanic/now a telcom tech - I can figure it out, but some basics would be good to have included.
Date Added: 01/17/2013 by deepmud