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VW Touareg Head Unit

VW Touareg Head Unit

$499.00  $359.00
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This product is very good. Just a few problems with the installation. The manufacturer does not provide an installation guide but instead a generic user manual that is not specific for the unit however a wiring diagram is included at the back of the booklet. The unit includes an accessory lead (red) that requires hooking up to an existing accessory (oem radio does not have an accessory lead its computer controlled when the the ignition is turned on). If the accessory lead is not connected then the radio will not start unless the engine is running. I connected the accessory lead by running a wire from the passenger-side fuse box [on the side of the dashboard]. It is such a wonderful product its too bad about the lack of an installation manual. Best - Jeff
Date Added: 04/25/2011 by Jeffrey Berlin