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VW Touareg Head Unit

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EXTREMELY fast shipping! Unit is totally plug and play!Friday 12 April, 2013
by Nicholas
Hello, just installed mine this week ( 2 units, one on my reg and one on my fathers reg, both 2004 V8, one with air suspension and on with out, both do not have stock NAV).. Everything seems to be working fine. i will write up a full review in about a week, once i really test everything out. What i can say for now is: shipping was EXTREMELY fast, 4 days from china to Canada. Very happy with that. one thing though, which i havnt gotten the chance to communicate with them yet about is, the plastic on the wiring harness was cracked on one and a piece was broken off on the other one, nothing major. I was still able to use them and they fit fine. One remote is all cracked broken which i'm sure they will be happy to help me out with finding a solution for. Things like this happen, so my advice for them is maybe when packing the accessories, just make sure their placed nicely so they dont break. Over all I'm super happy with the shipping, cant complain at all. The unit really is plug and play but I would of liked a wiring diagram. I say this because to connect the trucks connecter to the connecter of the unit is no problem, but there is other lose wires which are part of the units harness that im note really sure what their purpose is, so I just left them there for now. it is impossible to connect the RCA wires to the aux because this is not enough space (the unit doesnt go in, it's missing about 1/2" or 15mm. The only way that it can be done is if a 90 degree is used or a smaller adapter ( but i honestly don't know what the RCA wires do, connected or not connected I cant tell a difference. If anyone knows what they do, let me know please ) To install the frist unit ( because i bought 2 one for each reg) it took me about 2.5 hours because it took me a while to find a nice place to pass the GPS antenna up on to the dashboard with out making any holes anywhere. (when i write the next review, will post pics on how i did it). The iPhone wire i didn't pass yet, it will get done once i install the back up camera. It took me awhile to place all the wires so that the unit fit in perfect. The second unit took me 45 minutes to install and that's because i had a hard time placing the wire behind the unit again, or else it would of took about 25 minutes. The unit look's AMAZING. It look totally original, if the person doesn't know about the touareg, they'll think it original. The communication was great, email response very quick. oh and i forgot to mention, even in -22 degree Celsius weather, its working fine. Thats it for now, i will keep you guys posted on the functionality of i the units. Nicholas

Love the sound!Thursday 17 January, 2013
by deepmud
just installed mine. Got 4 keys and yeah, it's a b*tch to stuff those cables in - I stuck the factory connector up and to the left - then it still just would NOT go in. I finally pulled the RCA connectors out of the Aux input on the back - schnick! it went in all the way. Needs 90 bends on the connectors, there wasn't room in back with the RCA connectors sticking out. Brightness - too bright when I turn it to the lowest setting. I'm thinking a screen cover of tint, maybe red to go with the tourareg, would help. Love the sound. It's even louder than the stock unit, which does rock. The stock cd player couldn't handle writeable cd's - this unit does. The blue tooth was easy to hook up. I was hoping for an aux. port on the front, so as to use any-old mp3 player - but I'm pretty happy with it. My wife had the stock stereo almost out before I got outside (her car, and she loves the new player). I haven't tried the rear camera yet. Instructions - I can see why they aren't car specific. I'm a former mechanic/now a telcom tech - I can figure it out, but some basics would be good to have included.

excellent navigation system for my tregTuesday 15 January, 2013
by Mark G
Just a quick review, having had this unit now for a month. I haven't gotten the rear camera wired up yet. I am impressed, that for the price, this unit does everything I want it to and looks OEM, feels solid, good responsive touchscreen, and interface. It is "plug and play", except that my shipment was missing a needed antenna cable and I had to search around to find one at a stereo shop. The instructions are minimal, and the translation of the owner's manual is very poor, to the point of useless. However, everything seems very intuitive with the exception being the ipod/iphone interface.... 1) navigation is excellent, maps up to date even in rural Canada. Better than my factory audi setup in other vehicle. 2) the bluetooth works with a built-in microphone; sometimes incoming calls sound tinny, other times more clear. People on the other end report they can hear me fine but definitely sounds like I'm in the car on a speakerphone. I might look into a better microphone to put up closer to my face on the drivers' A pillar, as some others have done, for better clarity. I can't get my iphone to stream over the bluetooth, but I think that's a known problem with apple ios6, rather than the head unit. 3) the FM reception is good, even though this must be bypassing part of the diversity antenna setup. I also can get good reception on the one AM station in my area, although I don't ever listen to it. I didn't buy the TV tuner. 4) the DVD player works while in motion, handy for the kids in the back seat, hopefully I won't get a ticket while its on, not supposed to be able to watch on the screen while driving here. 5) the iphone interface is really lacking; it comes up just with an alphabetical list of songs, and it takes multiple button presses to find artists/playlists/etc. I may try to jailbreak my phone so I can control the playback from the phone itself. 6) the sound quality overall is excellent, better than the standard stock stereo. 7) I miss the satellite radio capability, but if I really want it I suppose I can get the app on my phone and play it through the aux input. The screen does wash out with bright sunlight or glare, and also doesn't dim at night when the cabin lights dim, but doesn't bother me. My volume controls work, that's all I use anyway on the steering wheel, I have the basic red MFD and it doesn't show anything in that, but who cares. If you buy this, and plan to install it yourself, make sure the company sends you 4 of the VW radio removal keys, and not just 2. And, there are a whole lot of cables and hardware behind the unit that make it really challenging to get it back in locked position; mine is still sticking out 1/2 inch until I get the camera installed. All in all, for a price less than $500, does 95% of what I would want an RNS510 to do, for about 25% of the price. Couldn't really be happier. No affiliation, just my initial impressions of what seems to be a good value unit. Also, despite lack of documentation, the customer service emails are very responsive and quick. The thing shipped from China to eastern Canada in 4 days; must be some kind of record.

Monday 18 June, 2012
by Gaberial Hill
perfect fit, easy install, love love love it! don't b e discouraged once you're all set and ready to push the deck back into place, it's a VERY snug fit with all the extra little transmitter boxes and what not - be patient and stuff everything back and away as far as possible and slide the unit in evenly and firmly. and be careful not to scratch your seat warmer buttons up, I did, use a towel to protect them.

Wednesday 24 August, 2011
by Ian Osborne
Super easy install if you want basic functionality. The wiring harness is plug and play. However, I also purchased the TV tuner and the backup camera and they were very very hard to install. I am an experienced trunk slammer (mobile audio installation) so I was able to figure out the TV tuner quite easily. The confusion lies in the fact that the head unit has a built in TV tuner which when selected is NOT the same as the extra one you have to order. Once I figured that out, and moved the input to Aux it was working. The wireless camera on the other hand is not user friendly. I still don't have it working after hours of attempts. Any time you connect power to the wireless receiver at the head unit and plug the RCA (yellow video) jack into the head unit the unit powers off. Also if you attempt to power the wireless receiver using the accessory lead from the deck it shuts the deck off. To eliminate user error I isolated straight power and ground and connected both receiver and transmitter via that method (instead of using reverse light power to actuate), still nothing. Frustrating! GPS was easy to install, simply run the antenna where you want it (I drilled a hole in the center of the dash and went straight in through the center tray to the head unit). The GPS iGo software on this unit blows my Magellan out of the water. Its not even a fair comparison, I cannot say enough good things about it. The DVD player is cool, works when driving too and plays through the factory speakers. Great feature for my daughter who is whiny during long road trips. iPod connection works very well, I drilled a small hole in the glove box to run the wire to the deck and simply connect my iPod in the glove box and I have access to all my music. The menu functionality needs some work. If I hit 1. on the touch screen to back up to the folder view it displays 1-7 options in CHINESE! Since I don't read Chinese I have no idea what this means. Otherwise it just lists all your songs in alphabetical order and you can use repeat or random and forward through tracks. However, if you forward through tracks it does not automatically scroll the songs on the screen. The screen only displays like 10 songs so you'll be staring at the first 10 songs in order unless you manually scroll down with your finger on the touch screen.. The unit does work well with steering wheel controls. It does not work with the mini display, it blacks that out. I would have given this unit 5 stars if it had came with installation instructions. As it stands, even a professional installer will have a tough time with optional items (like wireless reverse camera and radar sensors).

Monday 25 April, 2011
by Jeffrey Berlin
This product is very good. Just a few problems with the installation. The manufacturer does not provide an installation guide but instead a generic user manual that is not specific for the unit however a wiring diagram is included at the back of the booklet. The unit includes an accessory lead (red) that requires hooking up to an existing accessory (oem radio does not have an accessory lead its computer controlled when the the ignition is turned on). If the accessory lead is not connected then the radio will not start unless the engine is running. I connected the accessory lead by running a wire from the passenger-side fuse box [on the side of the dashboard]. It is such a wonderful product its too bad about the lack of an installation manual. Best - Jeff