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Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI

Volkswagen Touareg DVD GPS Radio 3G WiFi OEM UI

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2008 VW Touareg w/ Factory RNS2 DVD Nav
I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger. Maintaining a stock look and feel is paramount for me and so I considered the RNS-510 but for the price it simply wasn't worth it. This bridged that gap to allow for the extended functionality and better maps like the RNS-510 would provide but at 1/3 of the cost. I took the dive and purchased the device. The install was pretty straight forward. I purchased the antenna booster at the same time and soldered everything up before so when i started the install it was pretty much a straight swap. Honestly the hardest thing was running the wire and replacing the reverse camera only because i had to remove some panels from the back hatch. I am happy with the functionality of the device and the maps are FAR Superior to even those used by the RNS-510. And are MUCH cheaper to update from this site!

Overall this was a very good project and i am happy with the outcome. The sound is great and it has all the functionality i could hope for.

If you are considering this unit for an upgrade take my advice and do it!

One final bit of advice... don't assume when making decision for the Extension Cable. I assumed my amp was digital and it was not. They quickly sent me the shorter cable but i could have saved them and myself some time had i simply asked the question of which i needed first. Alan is VERY helpful and quick to respond.
Date Added: 06/17/2013 by Cody Barnett