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Mazda 3 GPS DVD Bose S100

Mazda 3 GPS DVD Bose S100

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I just got this and installed it today. Everything seems to be working. I'm quite happy with it so far. The shipping was extremely fast. Two days from Hong Kong to Kansas. The only thing that seems off is that it displays all of the songs on my iPod rather than just the songs in the currently playing album. There were some minor installation issues. The first problem was that installation instructions are completely non-existent in the first place. It would be extremely helpful for most people to have instructions on how to remove the factory radio, how to connect the harnesses and properly ground the loose wires, and how to snake the GPS antenna and other wires out to the main cabin. The second was that the antenna harness is extremely difficult to connect to the car's harness. It took a great deal of force to get them together. The third was that the GPS installation was completely unintuitive, and the horribly mangled Engrish instructions didn't clarify anything (what you need to do is press the GPS setup icon on the main settings page, double-tap the folder icon in the GPS setup page even though it already has the right file path in the textbox, double-tap the .exe file, then go back to the main settings page, and tap the GPS setup icon again). All that being said, these were minor problems that were easily overcome, and I am quite happy with the final product. I will leave another review if I have problems in the future. - See more at:
Date Added: 05/21/2012 by Mark Gree