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I purchase this item for my Chrysler 300 about two months ago. I have not had any problems with this product. It is well manufactured and looks great with the dashboard as if it were an original radio system. I ordered a package that includes the radio, rear camera (wireless), and 8 GB of maps. The install of the system was pretty simple and straight forward (plug & play). The rear camera came with the wired set and the wireless set as well. I ended up using the wired cables because it seemed easier to me. The back up camera looks amazing. very clear and responsive. The system automatically knows when you shift to reverse and displays the camera view. When i purchased the item, the manufacture updated the operating interface which is the pictures that are displayed in the website. It looks great and I'm able to change the background picture as well. There are times when it hiccups when i try to press some buttons when trying to select something, but nothing major. I have no problems with it. The navigation system is very good and has really good response to changing coordinates. The lights on the nobs are bright green and the chrysler 300 has a dull green color. That contrast does not bother me at all. It is just an fyi. The product comes with a remote control that is great and is able to use it when you watch DVDs. The DVD selection is great and looks pretty good. I like it a lot. the Bluetooth is my favorite option in this product. I am able to make and receive calls as well as stream music that I have in my phone. The radio interface looks great and you are able to have 6 stations memorized. In every option has a night light button that allows the screen to turn off but still function when driving at night. however the only one that does not have that function is the Bluetooth interface. Nonetheless, it is only a recommendation to the manufacturer to add one. Overall this item is great and well worth every penny. I believe there is a youtube account from this company and you are able to view their products there.
The customer service is outstanding. They replied to my emails within 24 hours. and trust me, I had lots of question prior to purchasing it because I was going to pay more than 550 dollars. They answered all of my questions and doubts. Would I recommend this company to another friend? Yes. Would I buy another item from here again? Yes.
Costumer Service: 5 Stars
Radio system: 5 Stars
GPS System: 5 Stars
DVD System: 5 Stars
Bluetooth System: 5 Stars
Rear-view Camera: 5 Stars
Date Added: 08/16/2012 by Leonel Cruz