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VW Touareg Head Unit
Ratings Apr 25, 2011
By Jeffrey Berlin

This product is very good. Just a few problems with the installation. The manufacturer does not provide an installation guide but instead a generic user manual that is not specific for the unit however a wiring diagram is included at the back of the bookle

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Ratings Feb 25, 2011
By Ashraf Malick

Good delivery and great support, finally I got the auto switch to rear view camera to work. Before that I have to manually switch each time I reverse. All in all a good unit that I would recomend.

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VW Touareg Head Unit
Ratings Apr 02, 2010
By Azmi Haroun

It is very nice car DVD player for my Touareg, it is fully equipped and very easy to use. It fitted very well in my car, it added a beautifull look to the inside of my car

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